We can undertake all aspects of Classic car and Kitcar restoration from the dawn of motoring to the 1980's. All jobs are considered from M.O.T welding to shell changes, small repairs to full re-sprays, mechanical and wiring repairs too. Our latest projects include an E-Type Jaguar, Austin Healey frog eye and my own Classic 1963 rag top Beetle (always last in the queue).                                                           Please phone to arrange a competitive quote.


Austin 10 van

When this van arrived to me it had already had a lot of work done to it including a complete new ash frame cladded in aluminiunm which was made by an ex-Morgan employee. I had to give credit to the owner because i had seen the photos of the van when he had purchased it and it was just a box of bits with plenty of rust. 

All that was required of me was a new fresh coat of paint. We did have a few problems along the way where the new door skins were joined and the alloy had warped a bit due to heat when welded. We were all very pleased with the end result and its another Austin saved from the scrap yard. (only 8 of these known to be left now)

austin 10 vanfinished


Austin 18


At first glance this looked like a very tidy car and for the year it was but after 80 years there where areas which needed attention. The rear valance and body behind all wings had to be fabricated and welded in place. The interior had already been completely re-covered in leather but still had to all come out again to save masking. Much detail went into this one and is now on the show circuits today. I am also glad to say this car has now won many trophies.

austin 18finished

E- type Jaguar, V12, 2+2

The E-type Jaguar series 3, V12, 2+2 coupe has probably been my biggest challenge yet. The fact is it's a very complecated car but to make matters worse it came to me completely striped back to the shell with about 16 baskets of parts. Most of the welding had been done and we did have a few photos of the car during the strip down. The customer has supplied a large budget on parts so this should be a real head turner.

deliveryroll jig

Having fitted all panels just to see how it all lined up the next step was to build a roll over jig and get some primrose yellow on inside and out.

body paintbonnet

The next step was to fit the big V12 engine this had been rebuilt by Gary a freind of the customers and he was fitting the lump at his workshop. The car was then transported again to the trim shop. These are local to me and we use them all the time, Mark has to be one of the best in the trade.

fit upengine

The final push including all the bright work, electrics, windows and fitting the bonnet. I had heard the windscreen on these are a bit tricky but 8 hours later and most of the skin on my fingers gone i can now say yes very tricky. We had fitted the bonnet and lined it up before painting it so the final fit was easy. The work to that stage was massisve i would say the mount of work on a e type bonnet is like restoring another car. We had it dipped, we then striped, then we welded, repaired and primed. Put it all back together with more primer and then the paint. Now fitted to the car it's a panel i am very proud of. 

finishedfinished 2

After 2 years it's finished and yes this build took a while but the end result is just stunning. I need to say a big thank you to Steve who was a big help to the final build, He also owns a very nice e type and was very usefull to see how these big cats go together. Finally thanks Neville for giving me the chance to build your e type, it's been a pleasue. We have all been though alot together.

Frog eye Sprite

This lovely little full race prepaired car was competing in hill climbs till 2011 but was then left outside untill 2015. It had been restored previously but is now ready for another. Having lots of talks with the customer we have decided to leave all the racing equipment in place as it's now part of its history but to put back some creatue comforts.  

pre frog eyestriped

Now all striped it's ready for the body work to begin.















Only a small car but lots of work to get this fresh coat of old english white paint on. Just need to put it all back together again now. With new wiring loom, all mechanics checked cleaned and painted, all fixings changed to stainless steel where possible.

finishedfinished 2













Finished and ready for the customer with a new MOT i was asked if i could deliver this and i jumped at the chance. The noises this car makes are fantastic, whether its the growl from the twin 40 webber carbs or the whine from the straight cut gear box. Yes i can honestly say this is one car i did not want to give back.