Our Cars

Want to know about our very own cars? Well you came to the right place! Here you can view al the cars we currently use and own. Like our work, we take great pride in our cars and hope you do the same. Let us tell you a litte bit about them!

At the moment we own 6 individual vehicles

First on the list is our VW Caddy! He was made in 2008. As you can see he is styling a black finish covered in our shameless promotion. Being the multi-purpose machine he is, he has always came in handy for many of our events. Carrying a lot of stock on his back (Even a dog from time to time!). He always powers through for us at the shows when we need him.

You may not know, but he was actaully born in Ireland and emigrated to the UK! His old job was being a promotional vechicle for Guiness, however he could never drink any himself so he knew it was time to move on. He moved on to join Moore 4 Motors and he has never looked back!



Next is the old man himself, he was born in 1983. He is a MK1 Golf GTI. Over the years he has travelled a lot and taken time off from the family. He has changed jobs, seen different people, but we could never let him leave forever. So we rehired him since we love him so much. Nothing could ever replaced him and he knows it!

He is very proud of his runner up best daily driver thropy that he won in 2014 at the Golf GTI Annual Gathering.

Given his age, over time he has needed many fixes and is full of replaced parts! But it all comes from the original like himself. He wouldnt stand for anything less!

We restored this car ourselves please see restored vehicles for more details

golf gti

Here is Lady Lulu, she was born in 2013! Being the youngest so far. She labels herself as the new MK2 Beetle Cabrio. She is a wonderful denim blue, you could never miss this beautiful soft top beetle cruising down the high street. Going for one of her shopping sprees. Her main use is as a personal vechicle (friend) for the woman in charge!

She is our favourite summer ride for driving round or maybe even going down to the sea side on those hot summer days! Of course thats if we ever take a day off!

Beetle Cabrio

Up next is a little project of ours. He is a big restoration project we have planned, doing what we can in any spare time we happened to have!(This being very little). He was born in 1963! Being the one and only ragtop beetle, same as the famous Herbie!

Infact this guy loves Herbie, and wants to look and be just like him. So thats what we are gonna do, because of this his story is only a short one from still being made. But one day he will have many stories to tell from all the great shows he will be going to!

We are all very eager for the outcome!

You can follow his progress by reading our blog!

ragtop Beetle

Second to last is the beast himsef. The beast is a VW long wheeled based crafter. The beast was born in 2013. The beast is the great driving force of the company! He takes us to all, to our shows and is housing for the staff during the events. He carries the most of the stock in and with him, he can handle it all! Pulling that heavy trailer behind him. You should be able to easily spot him at any show. He has been fully armored up from the inside. He was once empty , but now the beast is full of features that any camper could die for!

We didnt always have the beast to guide us, we use to use many different verisons of the VW camper, but having trying so many, no machine has came close to the size and power of the beast. Without the beast we dont know where we would be.


 Last but not least, the newest animal to our pride, is the VW Fox! This sly fox is not to be messed with, he may seen small and weak, but he is fast and agile...or he likes to think he is. Born in 2007.

His past is untold of and so is his future, we are sure you cant wait to see what is up next for the rare fox.



Here at Moore 4 Motors, we are VW mad, as I am sure you can see.