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The team


I hope you like the new website!

Meet the team from left to right,

Keith (panel beater) This man has beated and sanded panels on just about every kind of vehicle you could ever imagine.

Noel (welder/fabricator) He has preformed miracles with rusty metal and if you draw a picture he will then make it out of steel for you.

Diane (cheif packer) she will make sure every parcel you order will get to you correct and in one piece.

Hazel (runs company) She can answer all your online questions and take all your phone calls. On top of that she runs the paper trail side of the company.

Allan (runs work shop) With the team i have my job is easy, this is why we rely on customers giving us big challenges to do.

Pete (fabricator/finisher) I will check every job that goes out but Pete will always find more to do, Nothing will get past him. He can also churn out dropsides like peas.


Please feel free to leave any comments, we will answer any question you have.



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