My Coffee Station

Ape van


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 Here we have a standard ape van or as they are known as, a Tuc tuc.

We had a closed rear cab to stretch and fit onto the pickup then convert to hold a coffee vending machine in the back.

We gave it a full respray and colour coded the lot. Cartoon features where added and was called Gino.

A trailer was also built to carry Gino as long distance shows would tack to long with the 100cc moped engine.

Citroen H van

This 1981 Citroen H van was a fresh import from france.

The project was a light restoration leaving some original features and then converting into a coffee kiosk.

Paint inside and out, side flap raised on gas struts with flip over stainless steel counter.

Stainless steel internal counters, hand wash, fridge, vending machines and 240v hookup.

There was also a trailer with this converted to take a large generator.


Mercedes Vivaro